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The Arts and Environmental Sustainability: An International Overview

Author: IFACCA

Publication Year: 2014

Media Type: Report


This report presents research across a wide range of national arts councils and ministries of culture, with the goal of broadening the understanding of environmental sustainability in connection to the arts, outlining current and future work, and encouraging collaboration and partnership to develop policies and programs related to culture and environmental sustainability.


This report presents the learning from six months of research
across a wide range of national arts councils and ministries of
culture. The findings will be used to consolidate partnerships,
resource and support needs, position the issue of environmental
sustainability with key strategic bodies, and champion
environmental best practice. The report provides a snapshot of
national policymakers’ level of engagement with environmental
sustainability with an emphasis on policies, not on artistic content
or wider arts practice. It has yielded some fascinating insights,
enough to develop an opening hypothesis but not, at this stage,
definitive conclusions.

The findings are the result of surveys and interviews carried out
by Julie’s Bicycle and IFACCA between November 2013 and May
2014 and supplemented with desk-based research. An interim
report was presented to IFACCA’s 4th CEO Leadership Seminar
in Santiago, Chile, in January 2014. The responses present a diverse
range of interpretation, understanding and interest on the topic
and indicate a degree of readiness to integrate environmental
sustainability into strategic thinking. This is particularly pertinent in
the context of the current advocacy efforts to include culture in
the post-2015 development agenda.

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