Build A Fact Sheet

Whether you’re talking to a government official, your boss, or a member of your family or community, the impact of the arts is best told as personally and locally as possible. This tool will take you through a step-by-step process to pick the impact areas that are most important or urgent in your community, identify the data points and example projects that are going to resonate most with your audience, and integrate your name and logo—and then it will generate a custom fact sheet just for you! These fact sheets can be downloaded as a PDF, printed, emailed, or simply shared as a URL link.

Create your personalized case to support and grow the arts in your community.


The Build A Fact Sheet feature requires you log in to your Americans for the Arts account! Create or log in to your account, and then return here to start customizing your own fact sheet to help make the case for resources, funding, and continued support to grow your community initiatives.