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The National Arts Publications Database is a bibliographic tool that gives access current and historical information on a multitude of topics related to arts administration and policy. The database contains over 7,000 bibliographic records—providing arts administrators, policy researchers, and advocates with an asset to help them locate information on arts policy and practice and arts administration resources and best practices. Many recent entries to the database may also include the actual publication for download as well. When possible, Americans for the Arts has included the publication for download, but in many cases the database is purely bibliographic by design.

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The cover of the toolkit that reads: How to Partner with Chambers of Commerce Part 3: Moving As Equals

Author: Jessica Stern

Publication Year: 2022

Media Type: Toolkit

Further building on Parts 1 and 2 of the How to Partner with Your Chamber of Commerce Series, participants will look to rural communities and consider how innovative partnerships can be used as inspiration or scaled to suburban and urban areas for…

Categories: Partnerships, Private Sector, Professional Development

Author: AEA Consulting

Publication Year: 2022

Media Type: Report

AEA Consulting releases the 2022 Cultural Infastructure Index, a measure of major investments in capital projects in the cultural sector worldwide. AEA's analysis of projects that were completed or publicly announced in 2022 shows that the volume of…

Categories: Cultural Facilities, Economic Impact

Enter Stage Left: Immigration and the American Arts

Author: K. Pun Winichakul and Ning Zhang

Publication Year: 2022

Media Type: Report

To what extent have immigrants contributed to the growth of the United States creative arts economy? In this paper, we explore the impact of immigration during the Age of Mass Migration on the development of the arts in the U.S. over the past…

Categories: Creative Economies

Author: Refined Undignified

Publication Year: 2021

Media Type: Blog post

This long form essay discusses the history of dance in the church and the theological perspectives of dance. 

Categories: Religion and Spiritual Well-Being

Author: PlaceStories

Publication Year: 2021

Media Type: Directory

A project of Art of the Rural, this atlas maps rural arts and culture, with a focus on rural youth, rural-urban exchange, and an interest in the changing face of rural America.

Categories: Heritage & Preservation

Book cover featuring painting of a person in a suit with a beard holding a paintbrush near a river. Text reads: Life As Art: aesthetics and the creation of art by Zachary Simpson.

Author: Zachary Simpson

Publication Year: 2021

Media Type: E-Book

Life as Art looks at how to integrate the aesthetic emphases of meaning, liberation, and creativity into one’s daily life.

Categories: Arts Facts

Author: Cohen, Randy

Publication Year: 2021

Media Type: Infographic

  The arts are fundamental to our humanity. They ennoble and inspire us—fostering creativity, empathy, and beauty. The arts also strengthen our communities socially, educationally, and economically—benefits that persist even during a pandemic that…

Categories: Advocacy, Arts Action Fund, Arts and Military, Arts Education, Arts Facts, Community Development, Creative Economies, Economic Impact, Federal, Health Wellness and Healing, Private Sector, Tourism

Author: Americans for the Arts

Publication Year: 2021

Media Type: Report

Americans for the Arts fielded the 2021 Profile of Arts Incubators during September and October 2021. The survey collected information about the participating art incubators' programs, financials, and operating procedures. It also focused on the…

Categories: Artists-Resources for, Arts Facts

Author: Google Arts & Culture

Publication Year: 2021

Media Type: Directory

Illuminating the Crossroads strives to show how science and art come together to speak a common language. Science is the quest to understand the physical world around us. Art is the desire to express the mental world within us. This curated online…

Categories: Visual Art

Author: Lovelee, Amanda,Rukhsana Nezam, Mallory, and Taylor, Johanna K.

Publication Year: 2021

Media Type: Blog post

This op-ed from Next City outlines the case for art as infrastructure, particularly in pursuit of equity.

Categories: Transportation & Infrastructure