Monograph: Great Cities: A Labratory for Cultural Policy

Author: John Kreidler, Kate Cochran, and Brendan Rawson

Publication Year: 2002

Media Type: Report


Cultural Initiatives Silicon Valley has created the first-ever cultural policy simulator: a software program aimed at demonstrating how the skillful application of investments in culture can, over time, build stronger communities and economies. The simulator, entitled Great Cities, was designed to highlight the benefits of investments in arts education, cultural facilities, organizational effectiveness, cultural marketing, and increased output of cultural programming to business and civic leaders in Silicon Valley. Beyond this primary audience, Great Cities should be useful for helping arts councils, arts service organizations, and funding sources to consider policy options.


The Plot: A major Silicon Valley tycoon, Bruce Largecap, has just been killed by a speeding sport utility vehicle. In his will, Largecap named you the CEO-for-life of the Largecap Renaissance Foundation. Through a series of animations, you are introduced to the logic of the five cultural investment policies that Largecap believed would transform Silicon Valley into one of the great regions of all time. As you play through your strategies, voice-over messages appear to warn you of impending problems or to congratulate you on noteworthy achievements. At the end of each run, you can evaluate your performance on the "Great Cities Index," which ranges from a low of "Ghost Town" to a high of "Belle Epoque." In addition, three progressive, illustrated lessons are designed to deepen your knowledge of the systemic relationships that underlie the situation.

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