Exploring the Ways Arts and Culture Intersects with Housing

Author: Danya Sherman

Publication Year: 2016

Media Type: Report


This scan also indicates that the fields of creative placemaking and affordable housing need each other to be effective and also need to better consider each other as they endeavor to accomplish the overall goal of building healthy communities of opportunity.


The document that follows is one of the first two “field scans” that ArtPlace America has commissioned to begin this work. It is an ex ploratory first step that aims to surface:

  • Key goals or needs in the housing sector that arts and culture might address
  • A typology or framework for understanding the ways that arts and culture has and might partner with the housing sector
  • Barriers to integrating arts and culture within the housing sector
  • Strategies or tactics to advance collaborations with arts and culture in the housing sector

Each field scan serves as a framing document for a working group tasked with taking the analysis and findings o ne step further, helping ArtPlace to identify the best practices that warrant formal case studies, key methods for evaluating success, and strategic framing of the material in a way that resonates with those most likely to take up creative placemaking practice in other sectors. The field scans are not an end product in and of themselves, but rather an initial inquiry that will inform several aspects of ArtPlace’s work.

Each field scan addresses two primary audiences: artists and other arts and cultural practitioners seeking to better understand and collaborate with a particular community development sector; and community development practitioners who are interested in how arts and culture might further their work.

Our goal is ultimately for these two audiences to develop a shared language and a set of goals, so that our communities will benefit from these powerful, cross -sector synergies. [Foreword, p.4]

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