Engaging Veterans through Creative Expression: Oklahoma Arts and the Military Initiative Pilot Program Evaluation Catalogue

Author: Oklahoma Arts Council

Publication Year: 2015

Media Type: Report


A evaluation catalogue that can assist individuals and organizations in providing programming for veterans and military members in their communities. It consists a University of Oklahoma program evaluation of the pilot arts program for residents at the Norman Veterans Center, offered through a collaboration of the Oklahoma Arts Council and Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs.


In 2015, the Oklahoma Arts Council (OAC) approached the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs (ODVA) to explore ways in which the two state agencies could partner on projects as part of the OAC’s Oklahoma Arts and
the Military Initiative. Stemming from the discussion was the creation of a pilot arts program that served veterans residing at an ODVA long-term care facility in Norman, Oklahoma.

In addition to providing 10-week courses led by professional teaching artists in photography, creative writing, and visual arts, principal aims of the pilot program involved understanding how the artistic process benefits veterans, and learning how to best structure and implement arts learning programs to serve them. Small group environments allowed veterans to be engaged through hands-on arts instruction that focused on teaching artistic concepts and processes. The processes enabled each veteran to harness and employ his or her own creativity in the production of finished works of art.

The evaluation of the pilot program, conducted by an outside researcher, involved the formulation of hypotheses about how the artistic process would impact veterans in relation to socialization, cognitive focus, emotional expression, and self-efficacy.

Engaging Veterans through Creative Expression presents the research of the pilot arts program at the Norman Veterans Center. It further provides guidance for those wishing to serve veterans through similar programs and demonstrates how the arts can markedly impact the quality of life of our veterans.

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