Vote Your Future

Project Added: January 9, 2022
Project Point of Contact: [email protected]
Three side by side posters, with illustrations of smiling people. The posters feature the words "vote for our lives."

Vote for our lives

Laci Jordan

Arts-and Intersections:

Community Cohesion, Political Activation


Times Square Arts is proud to join forces with Amplifier Art


New York, New York



Visual art

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October 15 – November 8, 2020

In the months leading up to the 2020 presidential election, artists, activists, and cultural organizations have been increasingly critical forces in building a movement around voter participation and civic engagement. Times Square Arts is proud to join forces with Amplifier Art to present the work of 9 emerging artists encouraging voter turnout and direct action amidst one of the most important political moments of our time. This series of engaging, inclusive, and urgent messages, featuring text in English, Spanish, and Mandarin, will be papered throughout the public spaces of the district.


Even throughout the pandemic, Times Square has remained a frequent site of protests, marches, vigils, and meditations. By activating our public spaces in the name of civic engagement, Vote Your Future continues the district’s long history as a platform for free and creative expression — and a place to amplify your message to not just New Yorkers, but to the country, and in turn, the world.

Each of the artworks will include a special QR code linking to, where voters from across all 50 states can access information about polling locations, create a voting plan, reference their voting rights, and find out about how to get involved in the electoral process.


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