Vaccines & US: Cultural Organizations for Community Health

Project Added: December 31, 2021
Project Point of Contact: [email protected]
A person in a yellow mask receives a COVID vaccine. The text reads, Vaccine & Us.

Vaccines & US: Cultural Organizations for Community Health

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Health & Wellness


the Smithsonian and other museums from across the U.S


Baltimore, Maryland



Visual art

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This Smithsonian-led initiative will bring together museums, libraries, and cultural institutions across the country to support the national effort to provide Americans with accessible, trustworthy information about vaccines. The initiative shares free resources that local cultural organizations can use to help their communities make informed decisions about COVID-19 vaccination.


The Peale has partnered with the Smithsonian and other museums from across the U.S. to help launch a new nationwide initiative, “Vaccines & US: Cultural Organizations for Community Health.” “Vaccines & US” curates an online hub of resources about COVID-19: the safety, efficacy, and value of COVID-19 vaccines, practical advice for having conversations about vaccination, American communities’ and cultures’ response to the pandemic, and the history of pandemics and vaccination in the U.S. The initiative invites local museums, libraries, cultural organizations and civic centers to use these free resources to support vaccine education in their communities. From videos and infographics to activities and educational curricula, the scientific content is vetted by an advisory group of medical professionals from collaborating organizations. As part of these online offerings, the Smithsonian sponsored artists and designers to create posters that cultural organizations can download and share with their audiences.


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