Trust Transfer Project

Project Added: December 31, 2021
Project Point of Contact: [email protected]
A paint stroke of colors of red, blue, purple, and orange is the background for the words Trust Transfer Project.

Trust Transfer Project

Arts-and Intersections:

Community Cohesion, Health & Wellness



Springfield, Massachusetts


Population Density:

Large Intended Impact Area:

County/Multi-County Region



TRUST TRANSFER PROJECT is a partnership between Community Music School of Springfield and Springfield Cultural Partnership, led by Program Director Vanessa Ford. This new initiative allows our local artists to lead in health messaging that will directly impact the lives of their families, neighbors, and friends, offering a unique opportunity for us to depend on one another to share and receive health messages in a creative and inspirational way—building trust through the eyes of the most impacted by Covid-19 and transforming the health of our communities one artistic message at a time.


“We hope to bridge the partnership gap among artists, the faith community, health institutions & community organizations as we come together in unity. Out of the darkness of this pandemic comes a shining ray of hope. Artists will be lifted up and encouraged as their gifts make room for them to create as they help in the effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.” said Vanessa Ford, Project Manager, CMSS teaching artist and lifelong resident of Springfield, who served for the past eight years as a MA Senate Staff member.


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