Taking the Show Online: How We Teach the Performing Arts During COVID-19

Project Added: January 10, 2022
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Taking the Show Online: How WE Teach the Performing Arts During OVID-19


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Ann Arbor, Michigan


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This past semester saw a swift transition to remote arts instruction for many teachers. Amidst feelings of isolation and anxiety about the future, teachers and students had to adjust to a new way of learning and teaching. As humans so often do in times of crisis, our communities rose to the challenge. Teachers and students worked together to learn new technology; resources for remote teaching were shared throughout the art community; and genuine efforts were made to maintain a sense of community despite the imposed social distance. As we look towards the fall, and continued remote instruction for many schools, arts instructors still need a space to hear others’ experiences, share, and gather resources on navigating online arts instruction. With this new webinar series, a2ru hopes to provide that space.


This performing arts panel will explore practical approaches to accommodating camera-shy students in acting classes and possible strategies for creating studio-based engagement online. Panelists will discuss creative ways to interact with students via Zoom, online collaborative tools, and how to make up for lost hands-on lab time. Specifically focusing on how COVID-19 is changing the way theatre is being produced, panelists will also discuss how instructors and students can adapt; how to make use of virtual space; and how we might modify physical space in order to have some in-person campus performances. This panel is designed to be informative and conversational.


Currently not available.