Masks that SING! Project

Project Added: January 10, 2022
Project Point of Contact: [email protected]
A detailed face mask sitting on a table

Until we can sing again for our community, our masks will!

Arts-and Intersections:

Health & Wellness


Identity Alaska, STAR Alaska, and AWAIC


Anchorage, Alaska



Theater & performance

Population Density:


Large Intended Impact Area:

County/Multi-County Region



Even if we’re not onstage making ‘magic’ we still want to do so in our community. Our Anchorage Opera Costume Shop is making masks inspired by some of the greatest operatic characters of all time and donating them to some of the organizations we’ve partnered with on projects surrounding our operas. We want everyone to feel attractive in our designer masks and hope to inspire people to want to wear them!


We’re collaborating with Identity Alaska, STAR Alaska, AWAIC and more, to help some of the more vulnerable in our community; to celebrate them, and to lift them up. We want to continue to help LGBTQ+ individuals, transgender youth abused women & children among others, who are seeking help through our partner organizations at this difficult time. We think this is a great ‘operatic’ way to do so!

Once we’ve served those in need, we plan to offer these designer creations to the general public. Stay tuned for information on how you can help stop the spread and help Anchorage Opera survive the pandemic at the same time by wearing one of our fabulous Masks that SING!


Currently not available.