Informational Kiosk and Signage Sculpture

Project Added: November 18, 2021
Project Point of Contact: [email protected]
In a green area stands a statue. Coming out of a stone base are metal signs with different names of places on them.

The signage structure was influenced by signage on the campus of nearby Bennington College.

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North Bennington, Vermont



Visual art

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Sculptor Joe Chirchirillo created an informational kiosk and signage sculpture on the corners of Main and Houghton streets, as well as West and Water streets.


The two sculptures reflect the history and architecture of Bennington. For example, the roof of the kiosk, although made of steel, was constructed to have the feel of clapboard, similar to the outer walls of almost every house in the area; the two columns are made from steel, found objects that all have local significance. The signage sculpture was also made to reflect signage at Bennington College. The rusted steel was cut out to reveal the stainless backing, making the signs shine differently during the day and evening as the light hits them from different angles. The signage points the way to the 16 non for-profit organizations and attractions in North Bennington. The objects welded together to form the upright columns are made from antique farm or factory equipment from the area. Chirchirillo received a large contribution of steel from North Bennington’s National Hanger Company; some of the objects they donated are at least 100 years old, dating back to when Nahanco’s site was a furniture factory.


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