COVID-19 Poster Project

Project Added: December 27, 2021
Project Point of Contact: [email protected]
shaking of hands over a field with a doctor's mask in-between the hands

Above the landscape is a pair of hands holding one another in unity with a blue mask between them. Through his illustration, Grant stresses the overarching importance of working together to continue the effort against Covid-19.

Grant Yun

Arts-and Intersections:

Health & Wellness



Madison, Wisconsin



Visual art

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County/Multi-County Region



This new phase of the project will feature artwork from adults and high school students whose diverse styles, backgrounds, and themes help provide unique messages of hope, togetherness, and determination. Public information posters have long been a part of history. From encouraging volunteerism and morale on the home front during World War I to encouraging patriotism during World War II, these posters were usually bright and bold and encouraged the public to take action. In the same tradition, last year the Society commissioned artists to re-imagine historic public information posters for the COVID-19 pandemic. Released during the early months of the pandemic, these posters promoted public health and safety and served as a call to action to encourage social change, well-being, and community spirit


Hope is what has helped us get through the toughest days of this pandemic. The story of the COVID-19 Pandemic did not end in July 2020 with the release of our last poster. New waves and variants continue to prolong its impact. Despite these hardships, we have found moments of hope that bring us together, even when we are apart. These messages, and new stories over the past year, are the focus of the next phase of posters.


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