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Project Added: May 15, 2024
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Creative Greensboro Neighborhood ARTS Program 

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Greensboro, North Carolina



Community arts

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Creative Greensboro's Neighborhood Arts brings creativity close to home through diverse, community-based arts activities and beautification projects that respond to neighborhood priorities in historically underinvested areas

Artist and resident-led projects connect neighborhoods through shared leadership. Programs engage in creative place-making – fostering arts experiences and projects that speak to the unique history of the people of each neighborhood while showcasing Greensboro's rich creative talent. The initiative transforms public spaces, emphasizing community-led development. By prioritizing creativity, Neighborhood Arts aims to empower residents, viewing arts as a catalyst for positive change and equitable city growth.


Neighborhood Arts Programs support artists and neighborhood residents as co-leaders. The program brings creativity close to home through arts activities and beautification projects that respond to neighborhood priorities.

Through the programs, Creative Greensboro has committed over $150,000, to date, toward creative projects in the five neighborhoods identified for reinvestment in the city’s Housing GSO Plan. Additional support for the initiative is provided by the City’s Housing and Neighborhood Development, Transportation, Parks and Recreation and Library departments.

As a direct response to strategies included in Greensboro’s Cultural Arts Plan, Neighborhood Arts Programs launched artist residencies in 2021 in the Dudley Heights, Glenwood, and Kings Forest neighborhoods. In 2022, the program expanded to include artist residencies in Random Woods and Mill District neighborhoods and additional art programs in Dudley Heights, Glenwood, and Kings Forest neighborhoods. Information about the 2022 Artist Residencies can be found in the 2022 Program Guidelines.


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