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Research shows residents are 50% more engaged in a community if they are part of cultural activities.

Two-thids of older adults who frequently dance or play a musical instrument are less likely to develop dimentia.

Williams, Deidre. 1995. Creating social capital : a study of the long-term benefits from community based arts funding. Adelaide, S. Aust.: Community Arts Network of South Australia.

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The Big Barn

Charlotte, Vermont

The Clemmons Family Farm is working to transform its Big Barn into a venue for visual/performing arts of the African diaspora. Rather than setting them aside, agricultural uses for the barn will be revitalized as part of the project.

The Indigenous Food Lab

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Indigenous Food Lab is a nonprofit restaurant, education, and training center focused on research and development of Indigenous food knowledge. This project was started by The Sioux Chef.


The Politics of Culture: Policy Perspectives for Individuals, Institutions and Communities

Bradford, Gigi: Gary,Michael; and Wallach, Glenn Bradford, Gigi: Gary,Michael; and Wallach, Glenn
Publication Year: 2000
A volume of essays introduced and edited by the Center for Arts and Culture staff that surveys issues we will face in the next century.

Americas Cultural Capital: Recommendations for Structuring the Federal Role

The Center for Arts and Culture The Center for Arts and Culture
Publication Year: 2001
America's Cultural Capital focuses on four structural recommendations that are intended to improve federal policy making in the arts and culture.


Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts

Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts promotes and advocates for full inclusion of artists of color and performers with disabilities at all levels of production in film, theater, television, and related media.

Alternate ROOTS

Alternate ROOTS is committed to social and economic justice and protection of the natural world. It supports artists who have a commitment to their communities and those whose cultural work strives for social justice.

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