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The arts literally make your brain grow. Participating in the visual arts for as little as 10 weeks has been shown to increase the resiliency and neural connectivity of the brain, making for increased self-awareness and better memory processing.

After a year of singing in a chorale, older adults visited their doctor an average of 2.5 times less per year. This saves $500 per person, or up to $43.3 billion for the 86.7 million older adults in the US each year.

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Before I Die

New Orleand, Louisiana

Before I Die is an international project created by Candy Chang originally on the walls of an abandoned house in New Orleans. After the death of a loved one she decided to paint the house with chalk board paint with the words "Before I Die" inviting

Artists-In-Residence are carefully selected and trained to work within the hospital setting to offer elderly patients the opportunity to participate in the creative process. AIRs commit to a minimum of one year of work, working one day each week, as a


Alternate ROOTS

Alternate ROOTS is committed to social and economic justice and protection of the natural world. It supports artists who have a commitment to their communities and those whose cultural work strives for social justice.

Chicago Center for Arts and Technology (CHICAT)

CHICAT works to elevate the talents, culture, and community through the arts and technology, in the belief that united communities are stronger and have more opportunity and vitality.

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