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Research shows residents are 50% more engaged in a community if they are part of cultural activities.

Two-thids of older adults who frequently dance or play a musical instrument are less likely to develop dimentia.

Research shows that a healthy food tourism movement develops and sustains regional identities, encourage agricultural diversification, enhances environmental awareness, and increase the social and cultural benefits associated with connection to traditional heritage.

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Solstice Spectacle

Disputanta, Kentucky

The Solstice Spectacle was a 10-day artistic residency that culminated in a series of outdoor theater performances, poetry readings, and farm-fresh meals for the local community as well as guests.


Crossroads: Art and Religion in American Life

Arthurs, Alberta; Wallach, Glenn; and Wills, Gary Arthurs, Alberta; Wallach, Glenn; and Wills, Gary
Publication Year: 2001

Explores both the points of tension and the areas of common ground for understanding the relationship between religion and the arts in American life. Produced in collaboration with the Henry Luce Foundation, this anthology may be ordered through the New


Arts Works for Change

Art Works for Change strives to harness the transformative power of art to promote awareness, provoke dialogue, and inspire action through art exhibitions. Focused on issues of serious concern—human rights, social justice, gender equity, environmental stewardship, and sustainability—in creative, inspiring, and ultimately positive ways by engaging with audiences fully, creating experiences that are at once emotional, intellectual, and sensory.


Brand USA

Brand USA works in close partnership with the travel industry to maximize the economic and social benefits of travel. These benefits include fostering understanding between people and cultures and creating jobs essential to the economy. Download factsheets about the tourism of each U.S. state.

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