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Proyecto Verde is centered on valuing the inherently healthy Mexican traditional foodways and arts. By connecting to land, growing and preparing fresh food, while learning songs, poems, and visual arts, participants experience authentic cultural

The Big Barn


The Clemmons Family Farm is working to transform its Big Barn into a venue for visual/performing arts of the African diaspora. Rather than setting them aside, agricultural uses for the barn will be revitalized as part of the project.

The Indigenous Food Lab is a nonprofit restaurant, education, and training center focused on research and development of Indigenous food knowledge. This project was started by The Sioux Chef.


The Politics of Culture: Policy Perspectives for Individuals, Institutions and Communities

Bradford, Gigi: Gary,Michael; and Wallach, Glenn Bradford, Gigi: Gary,Michael; and Wallach, Glenn
Publication Year: 2000
A volume of essays introduced and edited by the Center for Arts and Culture staff that surveys issues we will face in the next century.

Arts and Minds: Cultural Diplomacy amid Global Tensions

National Arts Journalism Program National Arts Journalism Program
Publication Year: 2003
Arts & Minds: A Conference on Cultural Diplomacy amid Global Tensions, held on April 14-15, 2003 at Columbia University, put a spotlight on cultural diplomacy's history, viability, and prospects.


ArtPlace America

ArtPlace was a creative placemaking hub that includes a variety of resources on key areas of focus.

Arts & Healing Network

While the network itself closed in 2015, the website, and its resources, remain.

Arts and Democracy Project

Connects artists, cultural organizers, and activists who wouldn't otherwise know each other and creates the connective tissue and generative environment needed for cross sector collaboration to succeed.

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