My Custom Arts Fact Sheet

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Points of Connection


Points of Connection by former inmate James "Yaya" is a project that works to humanize people working and living within systems of criminal justice by cultivating relationships and connections through artmaking. The portraits serve as reminder of the

Soft Riots

Northwest Territories
Soft Riots is a collection of pieces by Tania Larsson that utilize all parts of gifted caribou after the meat is consumed. Sculptures, tools, and clothing are made using every part of the animal in support of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, home to

Proyecto Verde is centered on valuing the inherently healthy Mexican traditional foodways and arts. By connecting to land, growing and preparing fresh food, while learning songs, poems, and visual arts, participants experience authentic cultural


Government and the Arts: An Overview

Cummings, Milton C. Jr. Cummings, Milton C. Jr.
Publication Year: 1990

The author surveys the history of the arts and government relationship in this country and finds illuminating parallels in our past with the political controversies about art and government support in the late 1980's.

There's No Such Thing as a Worry-Free Photocopy in this Library!

Pepin, Christopher, Volume 30, Number 3
Publication Year: 2000

This article does not really address copyright law relevant to arts organization or artists, but is an interesting look at Canadian libraries and demonstrates the dramatic differences that exist even between common law countries. For example, in the ,

The Politics of Culture: Policy Perspectives for Individuals, Institutions and Communities

Bradford, Gigi: Gary,Michael; and Wallach, Glenn Bradford, Gigi: Gary,Michael; and Wallach, Glenn
Publication Year: 2000
A volume of essays introduced and edited by the Center for Arts and Culture staff that surveys issues we will face in the next century.


American Folklife Center

The American Folklife Center preserves and presents American folklife through research, documentation, archival preservation, reference service, live performance, exhibitions, publications, and training.

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