DEI And Art Education


The arts literally make your brain grow. Participating in the visual arts for as little as 10 weeks has been shown to increase the resiliency and neural connectivity of the brain, making for increased self-awareness and better memory processing.

The arts provide meaning in our lives. In a 2016 public opinion poll, 73% of Americans said that the arts provided meaning in their lives and were a positive experience in a troubled world.

Just looking at art improves your ability to think critically. Students from high-poverty schools, according to one study, experience an 18% effect-size improvement in critical thinking about art after a 1 hour tour of a museum.

Engaging in both craft- and social-based artforms has been shown to decrease your risk of developing cognitive impairment and decline as you get older.

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Partnering with LA Schools (K-8) and Beyond

Los Angeles Unified School District and local charter schools

Los Angeles, California

In a unique partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District and local charter schools, in addition to schools around the country, elementary and middle school students and their classroom teachers are linked to Inner-City Arts for


ArtPlace America

ArtPlace was a creative placemaking hub that includes a variety of resources on key areas of focus.

Creative Youth Development National Partnership

A partnership of organizations working in concert with the broader field to drive collective action in three strategic priorities to advance creative youth development.

National Center for Creative Aging

Dedicated to fostering an understanding of the vital relationship between creative expression and healthy aging, and to developing programs that build on this understanding.

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